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Mit Karte und App, MARCO POLO Reiseführer
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Munich is more than dirndl (traditional dress), weißwurst (white sausage) and Oktoberfest. Munich offers good traditional fare, fusion and nouvelle cuisine, beer gardens, palace gardens and river surfing locations, brass band music, the Philharmonic and Electro clubs. In short, Munich is aware of tradition, but cosmopolitan and with its finger always on the pulse of the times. With MARCO POLO Munich you can experience the Bavarian federal capital in all its facets. Have a walk through the English Garden, one of the biggest municipal parks in the world; have a break by the renaturalised River Isar; and explore the varied quarters of the village of millions. Go shopping in long-established, traditional shops and stylish passages such as the Fünf Höfe. Marvel at the late Baroque paintings in the Asams Church, the treasures in the Residenz and the spectacular architecture of the Allianz Arena and Brandhorst Museum. The MARCO POLO Insider Tips tell you where you can browse at Bavaria's largest flea market and eat roast pork at day break. The tips on what to do on a limited budget in each chapter prove that you can experience a great deal with very little money, enjoy something special and snap up some real bargains. Whether on foot, bike or blades - you can tour the city at random through Italy's northernmost city: through the Old Town, art districts or the highlights of modern architecture. And there's plenty for young children in the city such as, for example, a walk in the zoo specially conceived for families, the aquarium or the children's area in the Deutsches Museum. And the Dos and Don'ts will prevent you trying to drive round Munich by car or visiting the Hofbräuhaus and Marienplatz at midday.

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