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Thorns in the Wind

Novel, Thorns in the Wind, The Facets of a Narcissist
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Reference to ISBN of the book in German language ISBN: 978-3-948055-00-4 The Facets of a Narcissist is authentic, candid, and spot-on; poignant, compelling, healing, and enchanting. It combines the tenderness and romance of first-time sex with danger, victimization, and trauma. Jo Liebling is certain: "First this book will make you smile, then it will steal your heart. Compassion turns to hate, tears turn to anger, and you'll want him to die. and then. the unexpected happens! A tensionfilled read and a moving examination of how the past can color the present. is the love story of Evelyn and Martin that begins full of romance and charm, seems like a fairy tale, develops into a nightmare, and ends tragically and painfully. A murder was committed. Did Evelyn kill Martin? "A mirror in front of one's own face, standing in the rain, exposed to the wind, rising to meet the sun, banishing the clouds, leaving the thorns behind." BOOK DESCRIPTION Only the thorns in the wind of life empower Evelyn to understand herself and to come to the brutal understanding of what it means to reap what one sows. The house a small villa on the outskirts of the city, behind it a flourishing garden with mature trees; lovingly landscaped, complete with a small garden pond, a wooden walkway, a stone bridge, and a cozy sitting area with wicker chairs and a hammock. This was supposed to be their little piece of paradise, an idyllic haven for Jeff, Evelyn, and their two daughters, Lisa and Laura; a home sweet home to relax and recharge, to be a family, joined together in harmony. Until the thorns of life turn everything upside down and knock Evelyn off course. After twenty-five years, Evelyn's marriage to Jeff collapses. Her world falls apart. And just when she starts to get back on her feet, Martin comes into her life - in a way that seems almost ethereal. Filled with new hopes and dreams, she dares to fall in love all over again. In a way that is both bittersweet and full of honesty and authenticity, yet abounding in courage, strength, and hope, Evelyn decides to fight for this new love. But her past continues to haunt her and trap her in its grip. And soon enough, Martin reveals his true colors. Behind the mask hide the facets of a narcissist. Evelyn finds herself victimized, making her situation more than precarious. Bitter realities force her to experience the revenge that fate has in store both for her and for Martin. Book excerpts (Buchausschnitte in englisch) . The fire flickered in the fireplace. She poured herself a cup of tea, lit a candle on the tea table, lowered herself into the armchair, and gazed into the glowing flames. In her mind, Evelyn could still see the photo - the picture that the detective had shown her just minutes before. It was a picture of Martin, nearly naked, wearing a G-string that was open at the front, so that his penis hung out lifelessly. Everything was covered in blood. He lay on the floor, propped up against a cabinet wall, with an ice pick wedged between his left shoulder and his neck. He was wearing makeup, his face smeared with lipstick. Martin was dead. . Out of nowhere, and utterly unnerving and inexplicable to Evelyn, a strange expression shadowed Martin's face. His gaze, far from loving, became almost psychotic. Evelyn was frightened. This single moment, this expression, was bewildering and sinister. In a tone that was both serious and threatening, Martin replied: "You're never going to get rid of me, Evelyn. I'll make sure of that!". . He grunted in her ear as he fucked her, "You know you need this. You're nothing but a whore. Come here, don't act so coy, you dirty bitch. . Fiona "Evelyn, I'm terrified. Something horrible is happening at Martin's house. Please, please come, I beg you.". . On her way back from the car, she sensed an icy chill on the back of her neck. She was frightened and stood still to listen. She could hear a

Author, art, and unique design J O L I E B L I N G It represents the uniqueness and authenticity of the brand; J O L I E B L I N G The author never studied literature. Her passion for writing arises from her desire to raise awareness, to entertain, and to inspire. Her style is immediately recognizable. She's feminine, unabashed, talented - simply JO! In her work, Jo Liebling incorporates her own experiences from which all readers can draw conclusions both for themselves and for their own lives. It touches on thorny issues such as tendencies towards narcissistic victimization, traumatic experiences, and the associated developmental and personality disorders. The novel is a tribute to love, to faithfulness, and to honesty, packed in thrilling suspense. Prepare to have your heart strings tugged. - You're going to love this book! More about the author Youth and private life Jo Liebling is a German female author. She was born in 1971 as the 3rd of 4 daughters in the Black Forest and lives with her family in the beautiful area "Kraichgau" in Germany, where the Baden wine is at home. She is a talented rediscovery. Her works "Thorns in the Wind" and "Jo Liebling - Poetry" make it clear that Jo knows to combine messages to people and spirituality with beauty, great emotions, entertainment and suspense, never forgetting how unique each one of us is. She picks up sensitive issues such as suppression in a partnership, disastrous infidelity and tries to be an ambassador for respect, caution and respect for each other. Her light and clear writing style connects generations. Professional career Jo grew up in modest circumstances. These circumstances shaped her and made her ambitious. Many strokes of fate that they themselves or their environment had to cope with, prompted her to go through life with open eyes to gain inspiration. She worked at an ad agency and prepress company at a young age, gaining experience as a project manager and many years as the commercial manager of a medium-sized industrial enterprise. Ultimately, she decided to expand her love of fine design and designer goods and created her own brand Jo Liebling, which she markets through the sale of her products. In particular, the love of writing is very important to Jo. "This opportunity to be an enrichment for many readers, for me, great luck," says Jo Liebling.

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